How to achieve that Afro curl

Have you ever wondered how you could achieve tight afro curls??

Then let me introduce to you the amazing chopstick by Lee Stafford. This wand is amazing at creating the desired you have been wanting. Not to mention how cheap it is too, available on amazon for £20.

Step 1

As the wand is heating up, start dividing your hair into 1" sections. Place the heat glove on the hand wrapping the hair around the barrel.(this is optional, but I believe them)

Point the barrel towards your shoulder and begin to wrap the hair around the barrel away from your face. Start at the root, wrapping the hair right to the ends.

Step 2

Hold for 6 seconds before sliding the wand away to reveal the bouncy tight curl

My long hair vs afro curls.

Step 3

Continue until all of your hair is curly. To style simply run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls.

Step 4

To finish off spray hairspray over the whole hair. To make sure your curls stay in for a long time.

My hair last for three days in these curls until I wash it through but I would defiantly believe these curls could last all week. (might try)

Tell me how you get on with trying out theses curls and could you recommend any other curls to try.

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