How to create heatless beach waves

Are you guilty of overusing hot tools to curl your hair?

I know I am...and my hair was not happy with me! The fact is, if you’ve convinced yourself that your hair is so unmanageable that you can’t go without heat styling, you may actually be contributing to the problem. Although using a curling wand or flat iron to give your hair some texture, tame those stubborn flyaway's, and calm that unruly frizz, might seem like an easy fix, it’s actually doing your hair more harm than good in the long run.

Creating heatless beach waves.

Exposing your hair to heat—especially consistently and at a high temperature— causes breakage, dryness, and is overall extremely damaging. Think using a heat protection means you’re immune to heat damage? Not exactly. While applying a heat protection prior to styling can help reduce the effects of hot tools, your hair is still at risk. As well, if you bleach your hair regularly, heat styling your hair every time you wash it can increase dryness and make your hair more brittle. Basically, every time you wrap your hair around that curling wand or twist it around some hot rollers, you’re instantly zapping the moisture out of your hair making it more susceptible to breakage.

Lucky for you, I found some ways to get amazing curls without any heat, so you can rock beautiful heatless curls or beachy waves while maintaining the health of your hair.

Step 1

To achieve the best waves. I suggest straight after you've washed your hair. French plait you hair. And leave them in for at least two days.

My messy french plaits on day 3.

Step 2

After two or three days. Begin to un-plait your hair.

Step 3

Once you've un-plaited your hair. Begin to comb your fingers through the curls.

Step 4

Styling your hair the way you desired. Spritz hairspray lightly over your hair. To achieve ever lasting curls. And embrace your new beach waves.

Finished look

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