Our 9 tips for how to prepare for your wedding hair and makeup trial to prepare yourself for looking at the most beautiful on your big day:

1) Wearing something with a light colour. Whether that be nude, white or neutral. As this helps me and you see what the makeup looks like on the day. As darker colours are very distracting. If your dress is showing skin, I ask if you could wear something to also showcase skin too.

2) PREP PREP PREP – This is a must, drinking lots of water pre-wedding, getting regular hair trims, going somewhere decent to have your brows shaped and having a couple of facials are all going to help you look your best. You’re aiming for a great canvas that we can further enhance. Exfoliating is the key to making your skin look flawless.

3) If you are considering wearing fake tan on the big day. Please can you wear on the trails. This helps me know exactly what colour suits you. 

4) Prepping your lips. Helps to achieve the perfect lip colour. Combine a light scrub with a lip balm. As adding lipcolour on chapped lips is not nice. 

5) Try to tie your hair colour with your hair on the big day. I know you might be holding on waiting to get your hair done close to the time.Which is fine. Just keep that in mind. Trust me, colour makes a huge difference to the overall appearance 

6) Please can you wash your hair either the evening before or early morning. So I get a feel of your natural hair.  Also please don't use straighteners or add any product into your hair, as it affects the hair shaft and make it harder to re-style. I love fuzzy hair, that works great for volume!

7) If you could also collage a few images of hair and makeup ideas you like. Whether that be a photo album or pinterest. Helps me see what colours you are wanting. * I also ask to see a picture of you wearing makeup on a normal basis, so I know what style you like*

8) Think about what kind of eyelashes are you all wanting to have too? Whether that be Semi ( which last for 2-3 weeks, they are good for extra length & volume), LVL is your natural eyelashes curled and tinted and lasts 2-4 weeks ( Good for giving you the natural look ) or the individual eyelashes which I customise to your eyes and wash off the end if night

9) Lastly please please be honest with me on the day. I take no offense to anything. I am here to help you :)

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