Moisturisers to Layer Under Makeup

Before you can begin to apply colour corrector, foundation, concealer, blush, and any other face makeup products you use, you’ve got to work your way through your skin care routine. The last step in your skin care routine before reaching for your makeup bag? That’d be moisturiser!

But which moisturiser should you use pre-makeup application?

Not just any old one will do! You want a moisturiser that won’t sit on the surface of your skin, causing your makeup to shift around throughout the day.

Superdrug Vitamin C Booster 30ml and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (30ml) are the two best moisture's I use together on most of my clients.

The Embryolisse range is suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin and provides all the nourishment and care required for healthy, radiant skin.

First things first, this product makes for a super moisturiser. It’s ultra-rich, yet it does not feel heavy or oily on my skin at all. On that note – it also makes as an ideal pre-foundation primer and I feel my make up goes on well and stays… but that’s just the beginning.

You can also use it as a make up remover, a cleanser and as a healing ointment! No wonder it’s a backstage favourite used by MUA’s and celebrities alike. My partner has even been pinching it too to use as an after-shave lotion! Who says beauty isn’t practical?

The super drug vitamin C booster is suitable for all skin types and leaves skin softer and brighter. With kakadu plum ( which has the highest known ‭concentration of Vitamin C of any food on the planet ) & goji berry extracts ( a super fruit known to induce calm, ‭well being and energy ) Apply a small amount of the booster directly to skin and then follow with a moisturiser. Alternatively, mix 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand with your chosen moisturiser, blend until smooth and massage into skin. I believe this helps in boosting the skin and giving volume to the skin before application.

Alternative I would use my family favourite moisture. " NIVEA SOFT "

Light-weight, you don't feel this one. A reasonable price with a lot of product. Skin will feel softer. Absorbs into skin and isn't sticky. Very good to wear under any make-up. If you suffer acne, this will not break you out. If you are that person that hates wearing lotion/cream you will love this because it absorbs so fast while moisturising for a full day.


When it comes to layering makeup over moisturiser, it’s not solely about picking out the right moisturiser. There are a few other tips to keep in mind that can help you perfect your look. Follow our advice for your best makeup look yet!


The first step in your morning and evening skin care routines should be cleansing. Seriously, don’t skip this simple step! Sleeping in your makeup is a definite skin care faux pas. That’s because when you snooze in your makeup, it can mix with the dirt and oils on the surface of your skin, which can lead to clogged pores—and clogged pores can lead to breakouts.


Once you’ve moisturised, don’t immediately move on to applying face makeup. Before digging into your makeup bag, apply a primer to help create an even canvas.


You know how you chose your moisturiser—along with the rest of the products in your skin care routine—based on your skin type? You should do the same with your face makeup. If you have oily skin, for example, you may want to consider using a matte foundation and powder. Meanwhile, if you have dry skin, radiant finish products, are likely to be a better fit. Regardless of your skin type, if you’re using a liquid foundation, bounce and blend it onto your skin for a seamless finish.

Tell me what moisture's you use before your makeup application?

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