Must have makeup brush!

If anyone who knows me well, knows I love mykitco brushes. Such a great brand for professional MUA's and yourself.

MY FLAWLESS FACE™ brushes have been hand-crafted with a beautiful taper, allowing the super soft synthetic fibres to hug the natural contours of the face, whether applying liquid, cream or powder product.

This collection they brought out end of last year, is one of the best brushes ever!! They come in three sizes (as shown above) Large, Medium and small. My ultimate favourite size is medium. As I have more control of application with foundation. The bristles on these brushes are insane as they are super soft and very client I use them on, always ask what these brushes are called.


It's also a perfect finishing brush to soften the makeup together at the end.

Time savers and multi taskers are the key to a happy client. Give it a go, you will love it!

Have you tried any of there brushes yet? which is your favourite. Don't forget to leave your comments and subscribe

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